I studied journalism and creative writing and earned my degree in English around the beginning of the commercial Internet. Trying to get a break into the writing business, I thought to myself, "Someone's writing copy for web pages, why not me?" Almost by accident I was hired as the webmaster for an antivirus software developer. I learned a lot about computers, the Internet, web development, troubleshooting and security. After about a year, I was laid off and eventually found a position as a systems administrator where I could put those skills to use. In a few years I had hit a glass ceiling and left to pursue other interests and began writing for a local magazine. Freelance writing couldn't pay the bills, so I decided to get back into IT. I picked up a number of certifications along the way and landed a job with a good company only to find I've hit another glass ceiling.

I registered the domain chasar.net because I thought it would be nice to have a consistent email address I could give to family and friends.This was before the days of Juno, Yahoo and MSN accounts, when your provider, who might go out of business any day or hike your rates forcing you the cancel the service and ultimately change your address. When I went out on my own as an independent IT consultant, I set up the site to try bringing in business or at least to let people know more about the service I could provide. Now I'm as interested in showcasing some of my writing and photography as letting others know about my services..

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