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I started this website in the innocent days of the web when spam and spoofing, identity theft and spyware were not a main concern of the daily internet dialog. The time before social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Flicker, Twitter and YouTube, when Yahoo was the search engine of choice and Google was generally unheard of.

It was a time before Juno and MSN and Netzero, when 28k dialup service providers were standard and 56k was state-of-the-art, when e-mail addresses fluctuated with market currents as smaller companies were swallowed by the great communications conglomerates.

I wanted a place to host pictures for my friends and family to conveniently access along with a domain name and e-mail suffix that would remain constant for years to come, so I registered chasar.net.

Later, as I branched out on my own to provide small businesses and home users professional, effective and inexpensive IT service, I used the site to showcase the services I provide along with some information I feel helpful to the everyday user.

I've now come full circle and want to combine the photo/writing/creative side with my technical experience.

The site is always under construction, so take a look around and see what I've got so far.

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